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Economic Development

St. Norbert

Winnipeg’s Gateway Community

Projecting a true small town “country” atmosphere, St. Norbert lies just south of Winnipeg’s Perimeter Highway at the junction of the Red and La Salle Rivers. This historically important community still reflects its Métis and French-Canadian heritage, making it culturally distinct among Winnipeg neighbourhoods. Perhaps most important among many business advantages is the fact that St. Norbert serves as the southern gateway to Winnipeg, providing it with significant drive-through traffic from Southern Manitoba and the United States. This, combined with St. Norbert’s ability to draw upon the largely affluent population of South Winnipeg, for whom St. Norbert’s famous Farmers’ Market has become an institution, means that local businesses enjoy a much larger customer base than St. Norbert’s population would indicate.

Are You Interested in St. Norbert?
In its History? This is where Manitoba began and Winnipeg begins.
In its Future? Big things are happening in our community:
• The first annual Heritage Day was celebrated on February 2nd
• The Farmers’ Market is expanding.
• Condos and apartments are being built.
• A business improvement zone (BIZ) has been established.
• New signage & banners and lighting are on Pembina Highway.
• A $2.5 million water management & redevelopment project is underway on the east side of Pembina.
• The Perimeter Highway bridge is being rebuilt.
• Southwood Golf course has relocated to St. Norbert.
• A children’s water park has opened.

Recent Projects

Duff Roblin Park

Entreprises Riel had initiated a conversation with the Manitoba Floodway Expansion Authority in November of 2003 which, after a huge amount of community and stakeholder involvement, led to a formal annoncement ...

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Drainage inside the Dike

The St. Norbert Water Stewardship Coalition has undertaken a study on water retention and natural treatment. As part of an educational tool for the neighboring schools, the Farmers' Market attendees, Behavioura...

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Château Versailles – St. Norbert

Nearing completion, Château Versailles is amongst the latest development to have broken ground in St. Norbert. This condominium complex features 30 units with main floor access, mansard roof and garages....

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