Entreprises Riel

Drainage inside the Dike

St. Norbert

The St. Norbert Water Stewardship Coalition has undertaken a study on water retention and natural treatment. As part of an educational tool for the neighboring schools, the Farmers’ Market attendees, Behavioural Health Foundation residents and visitors of all stripes, it has been proposed to develop a bio-retention project that will hold and naturally treat storm water on site rather than sending it directly into the storm sewer system and eventually, Lake Winnipeg. Baptized “Drainage inside the Dike” for its unique land drainage challenges, this project is intended to educate and provide excellent recreational and interpretive opportunities, while effectively dealing with serious drainage concerns on 11 hectares and four different parcels of land.

As a member of the executive team, Entreprises Riel continues to meet and provide guidance and administrative support to this important project. Conceptual an dimplementation phases of the plans are now complete and physical work has begun on site in August 2013, starting with the École Noël-Ritchot site. They have secured well over $500,000 in fundraising commitments from public and privates sources.