Entreprises Riel

Duff Roblin Park

St. Norbert

Entreprises Riel had initiated a conversation with the Manitoba Floodway Expansion Authority in November of 2003 which, after a huge amount of community and stakeholder involvement, led to a formal annoncement made on December 7, 2007, of the creation of a new provincial park in St. Norbert. Moving forward, the province prepared plans, consultations and a public open house to roll out the proposed plan to the community.

To the disenchantment of many, a news release made public in March of this year annonced that the park project had been shelved at least temporarily due to the cost of repairs necessary to fix flood damaged parks elsewhere in the province. We will continue to work with the provincial government, Group’Action St. Norbert and Rivers West to ensure that our work and the province’s investment is not lost but only delayed, and that a park will be completed as planned at the floodway gates in St. Norbert.