Entreprises Riel

St. Boniface Police Station Repurposing

St. Boniface

Entreprises Riel has long recognized the importance of preserving and protecting the built heritage of our communities. An important part of this heritage is the former civic centre of the City of St. Boniface. The City of Winnipeg announced that the old police station on Provencher Boulevard was declared surplus, was put up for sale and was to be demolished to make way for a housing project. Working with the community and the Old St. Boniface Residents’ Association, Councillor Vandal saw fit to support a request to change the conditions surrounding the sale so as to allow for a repurposing of the building. We were pleased to support the sale of the property to a local Francophone doctor who is working towards the creation of a bilingual health facility while protecting the Étienne Gaboury designed building.