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St. Boniface

Home of Winnipeg’s French Quarter

A community at Winnipeg’s heart… Before there was a Winnipeg, there was St. Boniface – a thriving French-Canadian community which has served as the spiritual, cultural and even political counterpoint to its neighbour across the river. Today, this vibrant multi-cultural community is an exciting blend of the old, the new and the future – a place that offers one of Winnipeg’s most exciting places to live and do business.

Born during the time of the Fur Trade, St. Boniface enjoys the longest and most distinguished past of any Winnipeg community. Led by such notable historical figures as Bishop Taché and Louis Riel, St. Boniface played a central role in both the development of the Red River Colony (now Winnipeg) and the foundation of the Province of Manitoba. Today, signs of this illustrious past are still visible in the many important historical landmarks found throughout St. Boniface including St. Boniface Cathedral, Old St. Boniface City Hall and St. Boniface Museum.

A community rooted in history…St. Boniface is filled with many monuments and statues honouring people who have played an important role in the community’s past including the explorer La Vérendrye and the Father of Manitoba, Louis Riel.

A community for living… Being a fully bilingual community, St. Boniface offers schools in the French, English and French-Immersion stream of education.

A community for business…Home to the internationally recognized St. Boniface Hospital Research Centre and I.H. Asper Clinical Research Institute as well as several software and internet development companies, St. Boniface is a focal point for state-of-the-art research and technology.

Recent Projects

Esplanade Riel Practicum Project

Over the 2017-18 season, two students proposed a concept which was very well received. Le Monkey Bar was born offering healthy, natural concoctions that nourish the body and soul. Capitalizing on the fact tha...

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173 Notre Dame Street - St-Boniface

We were very pleased to assist Ironclad Developments with civic clearance to begin construction on this larger residential project. This apartment complex will consist of a five-storey multi-family residential...

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153 Aubert Street - Condominiums

We have assisted the developers through the rezoning and variance process to see a four-storey, 20-unit multi-family condominium building built at this address. Not only does this project play into our densifi...

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Le Quartier - 174 Provencher

Armed with a new Planned Development Overlay and a refreshed Secondary Plan (advocated for by Entreprises Riel), the owners of this parcel of land were able to successfully market the property for a mixed-use d...

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