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St. Vital

Winnipeg’s Favorite Shopping Destination

An exciting blend of the old with the new, St. Vital exists as one of Winnipeg’s fastest growing and most dynamic communities. Old St. Vital can trace its beginnings back to 1822, when its scattering of farms and homes served as the first point of contact people traveling along the Crow Wing Trail had with the Red River settlement. Today Old St. Vital, the area just north of and around the junction of St. Mary’s Rd. and St. Anne’s Rd., is a splendid historical quarter with numerous boutiques, restaurants and services – many of which have decorated their store fronts with attractive flower boxes. Further south, St. Vital Centre is, perhaps, Winnipeg’s most popular mall. With several smaller malls and bos stores located within a five-minuted drive, St. Vital Centre serves as a shopping hub not just for the residents of St. Vital, but most of South Winnipeg.