Entreprises Riel

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  • Charting a future for Marion Street

    THE LANCE By:  Simon Fuller Things are changing on Marion Street. In light of a number of significant recent land infill developments on Marion Street, The Lancespoke with key stakeholders who are playing their part in helping secure the landmark street’s … Read more


    Entreprises Riel has elected a new board of directors for the 2016/17 year at its annual general meeting held on September 20, 2016: Madeleine Arbez, Francofonds Inc., Raymond Beaudry, Le Garage Café, Norman Boudreau, Boudreau Law, Raymond Clément, Aurèle Foidart, … Read more

About Us

Entreprises Riel is an economic development and destination marketing and tourism product development agency which promotes the added value of the French language in business and tourism in the Riel district of the City of Winnipeg (St. Boniface, St. Norbert and St. Vital) in Manitoba, Canada. Corporate leaders from all three communities make up Riel’s Board of Directors. Launched in 1998 as a private, not-for-profit organization, Entreprises Riel has become a well-respected source of information, an advisor, a facilitator, an advocate and a leader in bilingual business and tourism development initiatives. Having limited resources, Entreprises Riel focuses its efforts on priority projects, many of which are undertaken by entering into partnerships with government, private enterprise and community organizations. The leadership provided by Entreprises Riel as a community builder is having an important impact on the district it serves.